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Why you should avoid using your phone in public places during this Coronavirus ordeal

Right now many of us are on virtual lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but there are times when it’s still necessary to venture out to a public place.

After all, we do have to eat and perform other essential tasks.

You’re probably well aware of the social distancing guidelines we’ve been asked to follow, but there’s another danger that you might not have thought about: your phone!

Regardless of how careful you might be while browsing the aisles of your local grocery store, it’s actually quite easy to catch this virus from your very own mobile phone.

For example, let’s say you’re busy shopping for the items on your list. You’re probably in a hurry because you want to get out of the crowded store as soon as possible so you’re likely a bit distracted.

Now your phone rings. Do you answer it?

Most likely you will, especially if you believe the call could be important.

But here’s the thing: Remember all those products you’ve already picked up and either placed back on the shelf or tossed into your shopping cart?

If someone infected with the Covid-19 virus happened to handle one of them before you did, there’s a good chance the virus was transmitted from that item to your hands.

Now guess what happened when you pulled out your phone to answer the call? That’s right – the virus is now on your phone!

That means when you place the phone on your ear and start talking there’s a real danger that the virus will find its way onto your face. And that, as they say, is not a good thing.

Bottom line: I strongly recommend that you refrain from handling your phone while you’re in a public place, especially if you’ve been handling merchandise or anything else that others have likely touched before you got to it.

And be sure to carefully sanitize your phone after you get home!

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