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Cyberthreat warnings are on the rise What you can do to remain safe

Cyberthreats have never been more relevant – and real. As governments are advising their citizens and organizations to be hypervigilant, the time is now to reassess and reinforce your digital security.

Let Net Nerds help protect your digital life, follow the tips below to take the first steps toward a more secure digital footprint.

  • Be cybersmart - Phishing attacks are on the rise. Carefully review any messages you receive, double-check the sender's email address, look for misspelled or poorly written copy, and don't blindly accept MFA requests.

  • Update your software - Cyberattacks often target vulnerabilities in older applications. If you receive an alert about an urgent security update, install it immediately.

  • Conduct an audit - Try to map out where your data is, who might have access, and take a digital headcount.

  • Trust your gut - If money or highly sensitive information is requested – and the sender needs it quickly – take a moment to assess the situation. Don't be afraid to ask questions and get all the facts before pressing send.

How can I keep my personal credentials safe?

  • Turn on MFA - This additional layer of security ensures you, and only you, are accessing your accounts.

  • Update old passwords - Make creating more complex passwords easier – ones that mix character types and are a passphrase. Use a password generator.

  • Enable Dark Web Monitoring - Receive alerts if your credentials have been found on the dark web, then update them quickly to mitigate the risk of a hack.

If you have any additional questions about your security online, please call a Nerd at Net Nerds toll free at 833-Net-Nerds / 833-638-6373.

Thank you and please stay safe both online and off line.

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