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Social Media Meeting at Net Nerds

Social Media Marketing

If you plan to engage an audience or find new customers online, you should be thinking about creating a social media strategy managed by Net Nerds.

Millions of people use social media daily and your customers are among them, so it’s a useful way of reaching out and promoting your business.
Here are three reasons why your business would be wise to get serious about social media:


  • Raise your sales. Promoting your goods and services on social platforms gets your name out there to a new audience, and keeps your regular customers up to date on the latest happenings and offers.

  • Add value to your brand. Get talking to your customers online, answering questions, and responding to reviews. Start building a community around your brand that keeps growing and helping to promote your business.

  • Improve your marketing. Attract more people to your website and store, gain valuable customer insights and learn about your competitors.

Now you’re onboard with the idea, we can start planning out your social media strategy – so, it’s time to get your notebooks open and pens poised.

The easiest way to begin is to answer the following five questions:


  • Who are your audience? Think about what their likes and dislikes are, who influences them and how do they usually engage with social media.   

  • Define your business goals. Are you aiming to grow brand awareness, be better at customer service, connect with influencers, or do you simply just want to generate more sales?

  • Choose the right social platform. Are you aiming for a lifestyle or a business focus? Different channels will usually need different approaches and strategies.

  • Find the right tone of voice. Create guidelines which define your brand voice and personality. Consider how you will use logos, fonts and images to keep your message and branding consistent.

  • What does success look like? This could be a percentage growth in sales within a defined time period, an improvement in star ratings and positive reviews, or an increase in brand awareness through mentions and reach.

Learn more about social media strategies, including advertising, measuring success and avoiding pitfalls by calling a Nerd at Net Nerds. 833-638-6373

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