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Reputation Management

Fix your search results with NetNerds.Com

If your reputation is critical to your livelihood, such as a doctor, lawyer, executive, or celebrity, then it's in your best interest to protect your name.

Net Nerds offers proven tools to suppress negative online material with positive content that you control.

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What is online reputation management?

In a nutshell, online reputation management, or ORM as it's known, is the practice of making people and businesses look their best on the Internet. To accomplish that, people need to control their online search results because they frequently contain inaccurate, misleading, or outdated material which can adversely influence how web searchers view them.

You are judged by your search results

Right or wrong. Current or outdated. Truthful or salacious. The Internet is the digital Wild West and nearly anything goes. Critical articles, disproven allegations, outdated news, misleading blogs, and inaccurate reviews can appear instantly and persist for years. You only get a few seconds to make a good first impression online:

More than 80% of reputation damage risks come from a mismatch between the buzz and the reality.
89% of users do not go past Page 1 for any given search.
78% of U.S. adults believe it is very important to look up info about people and/or businesses online before deciding to interact or do business with them.

Push up the good, push down the bad

We employ a range of proprietary technologies and techniques to push up positive, accurate content that showcases the real you. In the process, misleading, outdated, or inaccurate items sink lower, where they belong. Everything we do is based on Internet best practices and designed to provide real, lasting results.

Pricing and personalized assessments

Call us today for a complimentary assessment of your needs. One-size-fits-all pricing might sound like a good idea, but delivering the best value for your investment requires tailoring our strategies to your specific situation. A NetNerds.Com representative will evaluate your search results and find the right fit. 

Some of the factors we examine include:

  - How high the unwanted content ranks.
  - The authority and strength of the top sites in your search results.
  - The number of people searching for you.
  -  How much competition there is from other individuals or businesses with the same name.

Call 833-638-6373 or E-mail an on-line reputation specialist and let us get started on fixing your reputation today !

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