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Want to try promoting your blog with Google Ads? Google will foot half the bill!

Are you a blogger who’s been wanting to try promoting your blog with Google ads but are afraid it’ll be too expensive for your advertising budget?

Well, now there’s a very easy way to give Google Ads a try and get Google to foot half the bill!

All you need to do is visit this page on the Google website and create a Google Ads coupon for 50% off your first Google Ads campaign.

That’s right, Google will match your campaign’s ad expenditure dollar-for-dollar up to $150.

That means you can run $300 worth of Google ads and pay just $150 of your own money for giving them a try.

$300 might not sound like much but in reality that’s plenty enough to find out if Google Ads can help drive much-needed traffic to your blog at a price that makes sense for your goals and advertising budget.

Just enter your email address into the form on the page I linked to above and Google will create your very own Google Ads coupon and send it to you right away via email.

The email you receive will also explain how to redeem the coupon code and use it to save 50% off your Google Ads campaign (up to $300 in total charges).

Bottom line: Google Ads are very effective at driving quality, extremely targeted traffic to most any blog or website.

You can use the tool mentioned above to create your own coupon and have Google pay for half the charges for your first campaign to see how well they work out for you!

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