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Two Easy Ways To Make Your Wordpress Blog Mobile Friendly

Are you a blogger who uses WordPress to power your blog?

If so, you should know that it’s now more important than ever for your blog to be mobile friendly if you want to attract visitors to it and keep them there after they arrive.

According to Google, there are now more people accessing the Internet via mobile devices than with traditional laptop and desktop computers.

For this reason Google is now using a mobile-first indexing scheme, which basically means they’ll use the mobile versions of your blog’s pages as the primary pages when determining where those pages will fall within the search engine results pages (SERPS) for any relevant search terms.

If your blog doesn’t yet have mobile pages (i.e. it isn’t mobile friendly), pages from other blogs and websites will be given preference over yours in the SERPS if all other ranking factors are more or less equal. 

What’s more, Google has started actively penalizing sites that aren’t mobile friendly, which means they are now sending fewer searchers to non-mobile friendly sites.

Even worse, if your blog can’t easily be read on a mobile device the visitors you do get likely aren’t hanging around very long.

As you can see, if your blog isn’t mobile friendly already, you should really take steps to make it that way ASAP.

T here are two easy ways to optimize any WordPress blog for proper display on mobile devices:

1 – Either replace your current theme with a responsive theme or modify your current them to make it responsive.

In a nutshell, a responsive theme detects the type of device being used to view the blog and adapts itself on the fly to properly display the blog’s content on the screen.

Regardless of whether the visitor is using a computer, a tablet or a smart phone, a responsive theme will ensure that everything is easily viewed and read.

2 – Install a mobile plugin such as WP Mobile Edition or WP Touch.

A mobile plugin will detect when the visitor is using a mobile device and ditch the desktop theme altogether and display the blog using a mobile theme instead.

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