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Limiting the Number of Post Revisions that WordPress Will Save For Your Posts and Pages

To change the number of Post Revisions stored by WordPress…

As with most things WordPress, the easiest way to limit the number of post revisions is to use a plugin. Simply follow the steps below if you would prefer going that route:

1 – Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.

2 – Click Plugins>Add New.

3 – Type limit post revisions into the search box. You should now see a bunch of plugins to choose from.

4 – Select the plugin you wish to use and click the Install Now button.

Note: Most “limit post revisions” plugins allow you to set the maximum number of post revisions that WordPress will be allowed to create for a given post or page by changing a setting on the plugin’s “Settings” page.

That’s all there is to using a plugin to limit the number of post revisions WordPress will create on your blog.

All of the above being said, avoid using a plugin when there are other ways to achieve the same result, for two reasons:

1 – Every plugin that’s active on a blog slows the blog down by a bit.

2 – Every plugin that’s active on a blog is another potential entry point for a hacker to take control of your blog.

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