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How to add blazing-fast USB 3.1 Type-C ports to your desktop computer

Why USB 3.1 is better than USB 3.0

Just how fast is USB 3.1? Well, in a nutshell, at a whopping 10Gbps it’s literally twice as fast as the already amazing USB 3.0!

To put that into perspective, an external USB 3.1 hard drive will likely appear to be about as fast an an internal drive after you plug it into your computer.

If you’re curious about the Type-C designation, that means you’ll be able to use the awesome USB-C cables that can be inserted into a USB port in either direction. No more fumbling around with your USB cables trying to determine which way is up!

Upgrading your computer to USB 3.1 Type-C is easy!

Whether you have a Windows desktop PC or a Mac desktop, the procedure is basically the same as long as your machine has an open PCI Express x4, x8 or x16 expansion slot. And it’s easy…

Simply get yourself a USB 3.1 Type-C adapter card and install it into the empty slot!

If you have a Mac running a recent version of OS X you won’t even have to install a driver for the adapter card!

Windows users will be able to download the latest driver directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Just to clarify, this card will not work in a laptop. However, it will work with any desktop computer that has a compatible (and currently unused) PCIe expansion slot.

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