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Here’s an easy and inexpensive way to extend a wired Internet connection to a distant room

Accessing a high speed Internet connection from a distant room can be a challenge.

Wi-Fi signals diminish with distance, and they weaken further as they pass through walls and/or floors on the way to a distant computer.

There are several ways to extend your Internet connection to a distant room. Here are three of the most common methods:

1 – You can run a long Ethernet cable from your router to the distant computer, but this can be quite a job and end up producing less than desirable results.

2 – You can either install a Wi-Fi range extender or configure a second wireless router as a wireless repeater, but both of those options present their own set of issues.

While either of the two methods mentioned above will work, in my opinion the best option if you only need a single wired Ethernet connection is to use an inexpensive powerline networking kit.

These devices are extremely easy to install and use. Simply plug the Bridge unit into an unused Ethernet port on the router and the nearest electrical outlet, then plug the Switch unit into the computer and its closest outlet. You’ll have instant Internet connectivity.

Most powerline networking adapters will work anywhere within homes ranging in size from tiny to 5,000 square feet. They will even allow you to access the Internet from a detached garage or outbuilding as long as it’s relatively close to the house and powered from the same electrical panel.

The price of a typical powerline networking kit is comparable to that of an inexpensive wireless router. For example, at the time of this writing Amazon has numerous several of these kits for sale starting at around $30, and many of them allow you to connect up to four devices on the distant end!

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