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FastStone Image Viewer: A powerful free replacement for Windows 10’s native ‘Photos’ app

Do you have a laptop or desktop PC that’s running Windows 10? If so, you surely know how frustrating the native Photos app can be.

I happen to like Windows 10 overall, but the Photos app leaves a lot to be desired due to its dearth of features and capabilities.

After my most recent photo viewing session I decided that I really needed to find myself a better app!

After trying several of the most popular photos apps, I ultimately decided on a fantastic app called FastStone Image Viewer.

Why FastStone? Because it has a ton of powerful features yet it’s extremely easy to use and understand. What’s more, it also happens to be the fastest photo app I’ve ever used.

If you open a folder in FastStone you’ll immediately see thumbnails of all the images in that folder.

Double-click on any image and that image will automatically open in full screen mode.

Once an image is displayed full-screen you can easily navigate from image to image by pressing either the Left or Right arrow key on your keyboard.

Alternatively, you can right-click on either a thumbnail or a full-screen image to display a context menu that’s simply loaded with useful options.

One of my favorite features of FastStone is the ability to quickly create a slideshow of the images in a folder, complete with accompanying music.

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