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EpocCam Turns Your Unused Devices Into Security Cameras

EpocCam is a fantastic free app that use your unused device’s camera to capture and send streaming video directly to any web browser in the world.

Android users can install EpocCam from the Google Play Store for free, while iPhone or iPad userscan install it from iTunes. Simply download, install and run the app that matches your device, then place the device with the camera facing the area you wish to monitor. You’ll need to enter your Wi-Fi connection’s password and jot down the IP address the app gives you for monitoring the video/photos.

Then visit that IP address with the browser on any connected computer, smart phone or tablet to view the action (if there is any). A home-brew security camera is great for use as a baby monitor or for checking to see who is knocking at your door. Just be sure you have a decent Wi-Fi signal and an outlet available for plugging in a charger wherever you wish to install your “security camera”.

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