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How to add your favorite folder(s) to ‘File Explorer’ in Windows 10

Do you find yourself opening a ‘File Explorer’ window and navigating to the same folder(s) on a regular basis?

If so, you can easily place a shortcut to your frequently used folders right in ‘File Explorer’ so you won’t have to navigate to them every time.

I have several folders listed in the ‘File Explorer’ dialog on my work PC, and it’s a real time saver!

Follow these steps to add your favorite folder(s) to ‘File Explorer’ on your own Windows 10 PC:

1 – Press the Windows+R key combination to open the Run box.

2 – Type (or copy and paste) %appdata% into the Run Box, then press the Enter key.

3 – Double-click Microsoft.

4 – Double-click Windows.

5- Double-click Network Shortcuts.

6 – Right-click in an empty area and select New>Shortcut.

7 – Browse to the folder you wish to add to ‘Computer’, then click Next.

8 – Type a name for the shortcut and then click Finish.

9 – Repeat steps 5 – 7 for every folder you’d like to add to the ‘File Explorer’ dialog.

From now on you’ll be able to open ‘File Explorer’ and go directly to your favorite folder.


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