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Why You Should Replace Notepad with Notepad++

Notepad++ does everything the standard Windows Notepad does, only better. Here are three features that will make the switch worthwhile:

1 – Unlimited Undo – One of our biggest frustrations with the standard Notepad program is how you can only “Undo” the last action. Notepad++ has an unlimited Undo capacity which allows you to undo as many actions as you wish.

2 – Tabbed Documents – Notepad++ allows you to open and edit multiple documents at once and switch between them with the click of a mouse. You can also copy/cut and paste from one document to another.

3 – Spell Checker – Notepad++ includes a great spell check feature, a glaring omission in the standard Notepad utility.

You can download Notepad++ for free right here.

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