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What to do When Your Devices Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi

If you’ve been using the Internet for a while, chances are you’ve had trouble getting your computer or a mobile device to make or keep a working Internet connection at some point in the past.

While they can be quite irritating, many Internet connection problems can be fixed with a simple reboot procedure.

It might take you a few minutes to reboot all of your Internet-related devices, but it’s a simple procedure that will fix most any transient glitch that happens to afflict your local network. Here’s how to do it the right way: 

1 – Shut down your computer(s) and turn off your mobile device(s).

2 – Unplug the power cords to both your modem and your router.

(Note: Depending on your particular network setup, you might have a gateway which is basically both of those devices housed in the same box.)

3 – Disconnect the modem from the cable that connects it to your ISP’s grid.

Depending on which type of Internet service you have, this cable will most likely be either a round coaxial cable with a screw-on connector or a standard telephone cord that simply plugs in.

4 – Leave everything disconnected and powered down for a full two minutes.

5 – After the two minutes are up, reconnect the coaxial cable or telephone cord to the modem.

6 – Power up your computer and/or mobile devices.

7 – Reconnect the power cord to your router and then wait a minute or so until it boots up and the lights become somewhat stable.

8 – Reconnect the power cord to your modem and wait however long it takes for the lights to come on and stabilize. Be aware that a little flickering by some of the lights at all times is normal.

9 – Try to access the Internet in the usual manner (i.e. try loading a website in your favorite browser, check your email, watch NetFlix, etc.).

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