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View All The Passwords Stored In Google Chrome And On Your Android Devices On One Page

Did you know that Google keeps a record of all the passwords you have stored in your Chrome browser and your signed-in Android devices right on their website?

Well, they do, and there’s an easy way to view all of those stored passwords at one time. That makes it easy to quickly retrieve a password that you might have forgotten. 

That record of all your stored passwords is kept at a special URL on Google’s website, and you can see it at

After you click the link to visit that page you’ll be asked to sign to your account with your Google password. Once you are signed in you’ll be presented with a list of all the stored passwords that Google has access to at the moment.

Every account that’s listed on this page will have the password obscured by a row of dots, but you can reveal any password simply by clicking the “eye” icon that’s located right beside it.

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