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Preview from CES: Omron HeartGuide

The Omron HeartGuide is a smartwatch that is also a blood pressure monitor. It uses the same type of technology you would find at your local doctor’s office to measure your blood pressure—an inflatable oscillometric blood pressure cuff. This means the readings it provides are more accurate than all-in-one devices and can provide wearers with data their doctors can use to adjust their medications and make more precise recommendations. 

In addition to monitoring blood pressure, the HeartGuide also tracks daily activity, pulse, and sleep quality. Users also receive the usual smart notifications on the device, such as texts, calls, and emails.

Due to the amount of power required to inflate and deflate the cuff, however, users can expect to charge the HeartGuide two to three times per week. The HeartGuide doesn’t automatically inflate; instead, it reminds you when to take your blood pressure so the wearer can sit down for a more accurate reading. 

The HeartGuide stores up to 100 readings in its onboard memory, but also connects to the HeartAdvisor app for unlimited storage. For individuals with heart disease, consistent blood pressure measurements are important for managing the risk of stroke and heart attack. The Omron HeartGuide makes it easier to do this without setting up the blood pressure cuff each and every time.

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