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Plug your PC into a Battery Backup Before Updating your BIOS/UEFI Firmware

The motherboard in every Windows PC is equipped with firmware code that the CPU uses to initialize the computer’s hardware components and prepare the machine to boot up into Windows.

Depending on the age and model of your PC, this firmware is typically referred to as either the BIOS or the UEFI. Basically, the firmware in older PCs is referred to as the BIOS while newer computers have a UEFI Control Panel.

While you may never need to replace it, there are times when updating your motherboard’s BIOS/UEFI firmware can provide some incredibly substantial benefits. If you ever do decide to update your PC’s firmware, here's two major tips:

1 – Either pay a qualified PC technician to update the firmware for you or follow the manufacturer’s directions to the letter if you decide to do it yourself.

2 – ALWAYS plug your machine into a battery backup device before initiating a BIOS/UEFI firmware update. And yes, I recommend that even if your computer is a laptop.

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