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Overriding the Data Cap on Your Straight Talk phone

There are a few things you can do to minimize your monthly data usage and (hopefully) avoid the dreaded “2G speed penalty”.

1 – Some mobile web browsers reduce the quality of images (which also reduces their file sizes) before transmitting them to your phone via your cellular data connection. If your browser supports this option, turn it on.

2 – Review your list of installed apps and uninstall every app that you never use or don’t even remember installing in the first place.

Note: Some apps that came pre-installed on your phone can’t be uninstalled. You’ll have to disable them instead.

3 – Disable “Push Notifications” on your social media apps unless you absolutely MUST be notified right away when something happens on there.

4 – And now for the biggie: Connect your phone to an available Wi-Fi connection whenever possible.

Data received over Wi-Fi doesn’t count against your monthly cellular data allotment so simply connecting to Wi-Fi whenever possible just might help you stay under your data cap.

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