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One simple change that could boost your blog’s page views by 50% or more!

Are you a blogger who is looking for ways to boost the number of page views on your blog?

If so, I’m going to tell you about one simple change you can make right now that could potentially boost both your blog’s total number of monthly page views and the number of pages viewed per visit.

I’ve been using this strategy on my blogs for a while now, and the total number of pages viewed has risen by over 50% from what they were before I started doing it.

The best thing about this strategy is it requires hardly any extra work on my part. Yes, it does take me about five minutes longer to write each new post now, but that’s nothing really considering the benefits derived from so little extra work.

Now that I’ve (hopefully) piqued your interest, here’s my secret…

All you have to do is link every post you write to at least one other post on your blog.

That’s it – just link to one or more other posts that you’ve already written from every new post you write and you’ll immediately start seeing your page views increase day after day and month after month.

What’s more, you can put this strategy on steroids simply by editing your existing posts to link to relevant posts from them as well.

Of course the key word in the sentence above is relevant. You don’t want to link to just any post on any unrelated topic. Instead, link to posts that build upon and supplement the information provided in the post the reader happens to be reading at the time.

For example, many of my posts answer questions people have about Facebook and social media. After I answer the Facebook question at hand, I often link to another post that explains how to enable Two-Factor Authentication on the reader’s Facebook account.

See what I did there? The previous paragraph used the very strategy I’m talking about here. And if you happened to actually click the link and visit that “bonus” page you’ll see that I linked to two additional pages from that post!

Of course not every reader will click the links and read the “bonus” posts, but not every reader has to in order to boost your blog’s total page views by up to 50%.

The readers that do click through and read the bonus posts will substantially increase the total page views on your blog, and over the course of a month those extra views will really add up.

Just remember what I said about relevancy. If a post links to something that’s totally unrelated to the current post you’re not likely to entice very many folks to click through and read the “bonus” post(s).

You might be wondering why I don’t simply recommend adding a “Related Posts” plugin to your blog and avoid the extra work.

The answer is while those “Related Post” links typically do increase total page views a bit, links within the body of a post will almost always draw a lot more clicks.

You don’t have to “choose” of course – you can always do both if you want. In fact, I have links to several of my most popular posts in the sidebar of this very blog. Feel free to check them out!

So there you have it. That’s my secret for boosting your blog’s page views with hardly any extra work on your part. Well, it does require a little extra work, but trust me – it’s worth it!

By the way, did you know your blog’s search engine rankings are now partially determined by how quickly its pages load in a visitor’s web browser?

Well, it is, and this post explains how to find out how long it takes your blog’s pages to load so you can take steps to speed it up if need be. (See what I did there?)

Bottom line: Spending just five extra minutes adding a relevant link or two to every new post you write can result in a lot more page views for your blog. And as we all know, page views make the world go around if you’re a blogger!

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