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Making Sure You Plug USB cables in the right way

USB cables are everywhere. You probably have a stash of them curled up in a pile somewhere, as well as USB cables snaking around your computer and other gadgets like tentacles. Most of us have spent at least a few frustrating moments trying to plug a USB cable in with the wrong side up. It’s such an annoyance that some specialty reversible USB cables have been on the market for several years to avoid this problem.

But don’t worry. There’s a quick way to figure out which side of your normal old USB connector is up. Your first clue is to look for the small trident-like symbol. That’s up. If your cable is missing the symbol, then look for a small seam running down the outside metal part of the connector. That’s down. It just takes a glance and you won’t end up trying to jam the cable in the wrong way.

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