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Mac Tip: Do Unit Conversions in Spotlight

So, everyone knows that you can do basic calculations in Spotlight, but beginning with macOS High Sierra, you can take that a step further: unit conversions. You can do specific unit conversions if the need arises – say, “13 stone in pounds” – but, you can also just type in the amount and unit you want to convert, and your Mac will suggest not just the likely conversion, but also a handful of alternatives.

Type in something like ‘$1,299’ and you’ll immediately be told what that is in pounds Sterling (or whatever your native currency that’s set in the Language & Region pane of System Preferences), and then the window will show more results, showing Euros Yen and so on. You can also type the specific currency you’re looking for, for instance “$1,299 to AUD” if the currency conversion you’re looking for doesn’t appear.

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