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Improve Your Note 10's Battery Life with Screen Customization

Screens are always the most power-eaten component on a phone, while Galaxy Note 10 phones has high screen brightness, so if you’re in need of power saving, then you might want to consider customizing brightness of your phone screen. For example, when I use my Note 10, the brightness is usually about 40-50% since most of us are indoors, and I even disabled the Compatibility Number feature.

Compatible brightness is a feature that will use a light sensor, or camera to make brightness measurements at that time and adjust the light continuously, which is helpful for battery saving. I found it it unnecessary if you are usually in indoor.

Screen brightness is an important note. You should reduce manually instead of waiting for automatic brightness after a shorter period to save battery power. To adjust it, head to Settings> Display> Screen and then adjust the time period accordingly.

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