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How to Make Your Smartphone or Tablet Charge Faster

Put your phone in airplane mode.

You probably know that putting any device into airplane prevents it from ringing or making other sounds, but this handy setting actually goes much further than that.

Enabling airplane mode also shuts down all the device’s built-in radios (cellular, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.), and that’s a big deal when the battery is being charged. 

Disabling all those radios makes the device more energy efficient than it is when it’s fully operational. And the less “juice” the device needs to operate, the faster the battery will charge because more of the incoming current is flowing into the battery instead of into the device itself.

What’s more, the difference in charging time can be substantial. In fact, some devices will charge almost twice as fast after they have been placed in airplane mode. For others, the difference can be minimal. It varies from case to case, but it's always worth a shot.

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