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How to Force Your Browser to Reload a Page From the Site’s Server Instead of the Local Cache

Have you ever clicked “Refresh” to load the latest version of a web page and received the exact same info even though you knew the page had been updated? When this happens the browser is reloading the page from the local browser cache instead of checking for a newer version of the page on the server.

The good news is you can force your browser to ignore the version of the page that’s currently stored in the local browser cache and request the most recent version of the page from the site’s web server instead.

All you have to do is press the Ctrl+F5 key combination.

Pressing Ctrl-F5 basically tells the browser that you believe there’s a newer version of the page available on the website, so go get it!

We’ve tried using this trick with all the major browsers plus about a dozen others, and it worked with every one of them.

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