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How to Find Out if Your Router Has Been Hacked

As you probably know, pretty much anything with a computer chip in it can be hacked. What you might not know is that hackers are busy attacking routers all around the world as we speak.

Vulnerabilities in some routers’ firmware code allow hackers to change some of the router’s critical settings.

For example, altering the Domain Name Server (DNS) settings enables them to instruct your router to send your Internet requests to malware-infested servers and fake websites.

If that happens it could result in malware being downloaded onto your computer or mobile device and/or having your identity and online accounts compromised.

Luckily, the folks at F-Secure have created a handy tool for checking your router to make sure it hasn’t been hacked. The test couldn’t be easier to use.

Here’s what you have to do: 

1 – Visit this page on the F-Secure website.

2 – Click the blue Check your router button.

After you click the button the tool will check your router’s settings to make sure they haven’t been changed to values that are known to be incorrect or malicious. The entire test takes mere seconds and the results will be displayed right on your screen.

If the test detects an issue, you’ll need to check with your Internet Service Provider to determine what the real settings should be. Your router’s manual should tell you how to change the settings back to their correct values.

Don’t forget to change your router’s password if it has indeed been hacked. The password I’m talking about is the password you use to access the router’s Settings screen, not the password for your Wi-Fi network (but I recommend that you change that one as well).

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