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How to Enable ‘whisper Mode’ on Your Alexa Device(S)

Do you ever have any conversations with your Alexa device that you’d prefer that other family members or house guests not be able to hear?

Or do you occasionally prompt Alexa to answer a query late at night only to have her wake up everyone in the house with her reply?

Well, as luck would have it, your Alexa device has a nifty “Whisper Mode” that can prevent others from hearing (and/or being disturbed by) the conversations you have with the device.

Just follow these steps to enable Whipser Mode on your Alexa device:

1 – Open the Alexa app on your Android or iOS mobile device.

2 – Tap the Menu button.

3 – Tap Settings.

4 – Tap Voice Responses.

5 – Toggle the “Whisper Mode” setting to On.

6 – One by one, whisper something into each Echo speaker that’s signed into your Amazon account to initialize Whisper Mode on those speakers.

That’s all there is to it. From now on when you whisper a query or command to your Alexa device it will respond by whispering back!

Now that you have enabled Whisper Mode on your Alexa device I need to mention a couple of quick caveats:

1 – Whisper mode will only work when you whisper into an Echo speaker. It will NOT work if you whisper into the Alexa app on a mobile device.

2 – Alexa will still still respond in her normal voice when you speak to her in YOUR normal voice. She will only respond with a whisper when you initiate the conversation with a whisper of your own.

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