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Adding a Second Monitor can Double your Productivity

Do you tend to keep several programs and apps open on your computer screen at any given time?

If so, you should seriously consider adding a second monitor to your computer, especially if you have a laptop with a relatively small screen.

Splitting your computing tasks among two monitors allows you to keep more windows in view at the same time, which can be a real time saver since you won’t have to keep clicking on the same tasks over and over in order to bring them into view. 

For example, you can keep the apps that you need running at all times but use infrequently such as email, Windows utilities, calendars and chat windows open on the smaller monitor while displaying your work horse apps such as Photoshop, Microsoft Office and your web browser on the larger screen.

Adding a second monitor to your laptop or desktop computer is quite easy, and probably a lot cheaper than you think.

Your computer will need two video ports in order to connect a second monitor.

Many newer models come standard with dual video ports built-in. If yours doesn’t, all you need to do is buy an inexpensive USB video adapter with an output port that matches the input of your secondary monitor.

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