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6 Powerful Free Tools for Keeping Your PC Free of Malware

1 – Avast Antivirus – In my opinion, Avast Antivirus is the best full-time antivirus program on the market. I have found the free version of Avast to be easy to use and highly effective, therefore I use it on my own computers and recommend it to others every chance I get.

2 – Malwarebytes – In addition to your full-time antivirus software, you also need to occasionally run an on-demand malware scanner.

Malwarebytes does a fantastic job at tracking down and removing malware that other security tools miss. And yes, they ALL miss some threats at times. As with Avast, Malwarebytes comes in both free and paid versions. I use and recommend the free version.

3 – Spybot Search and Destroy – Like Malwarebytes, Spybot works hand-in-hand with your full-time antivirus scanner to find and remove the malware that finds its way onto your system. As with all the other tools mentioned in this post, I use and recommend the free version of Spybot.

4 – ADWcleaner – Another outstanding on-demand malware removal tool is ADWcleaner, a powerful, yet easy to use program that wipes out adware, browser hijackers and those oh, so irritating junkware toolbars. ADWcleaner is a free download, and I recommend that you install it onto your PC right now.

5 – TDSSKiller – There is a special class of malware called Rootkits that load themselves into your computer’s memory before Windows even boots up. Rootkits can be very difficult to detect and remove with regular antivirus programs, but Kapersky’s free TDSSKiller will track them down and wipe them out.

6 – JPCS (Just Plain Common Sense) – This one is about as free as it gets. It already resides in our brains, and using it every time we log onto our computer will go a long way towards keeping our systems clean and free of malware.

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