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3 New Features Coming Soon in WhatsApp

Group Call Shortcut – With this new feature you can start a group call by directly tapping the group call button in the group. After tapping the button, WhatsApp will show a new popup with all the group contacts (except the ones which are not there in your own contact list). Once you have selected the group call contacts, WhatsApp will show a Video/Voice call option so you can chose the type of call. This will certainly help you in making group calls to your families/friends easily. In the earlier versions, you need to add the participants in the group call one by one.

Consecutive Voice messages – If you are a lover of voice messages in WhatsApp, then this feature will make you happy. In the earlier versions, you need to play the voice messages one by one. With this new feature, the series of voice messages will be played on its own without your attention to play the next voice message.

Simple Add new contact interface – This feature is available in the past, however the interface will be redesigned. After selecting “Add a contact”, a new section will be presented. You can choose the country where the user is located and WhatsApp will automatically insert the country code for you. Then you can insert the phone number and it will automatically show if the user is already on WhatsApp or not (whether he has an active WhatsApp account).

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