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2 Ways To Keep your PC running like new for years to come

1- Reset your Windows 10 installation using the Windows Reset tool

If your computer is running Windows 10 you can easily reset your Windows installation and wipe out all the junk and start fresh with a completely “clean” copy of Windows.

Just follow the steps below:

  • 1 – Click Start.

  • 2 – Click the Settings icon (it looks like a “gear” or “cog”).

  • 3 – Click Update & security.

  • 4 – Click Recovery.

  • 5 – Click the Get Started button under the “Reset this PC” option.

  • 6 – If you wish to reset Windows but keep your user-created files, select Keep my files. Alternatively, if you want to wipe out everything and start over from scratch, select Remove everything.

  • 7 – Follow the prompts on the screens that follow.

2 – Replace Windows with Linux

If your PC is running an older (and soon to be abandoned) version of Windows you can wipe out the Windows installation altogether and install Linux in its place for free.

Why would you want to do that? Because most any old computer is virtually guaranteed to run faster under an suitable version of Linux than it ever did while running Windows.

Even better, Linux-based PCs are much less likely to be become infected with viruses than Windows machines.

What’s more, if your computer ever does become infected you can simply re-install Linux again and be back up and running quicker than ever.

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