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10 Random Tech Tips

1. Use a password manager, which provides better security than trying to remember a bunch of different passwords and also is incredibly convenient!

2. Turn off all unnecessary notifications on your phone. The unnecessary interruptions to your day impact productivity significantly. Don't approach this all at once: As you receive notifications, decide if the notification is mission-critical or can be silenced.

3. When searching Google, hold down the Ctrl key when clicking links to open each link in a new tab. This way you never lose track of the search results page.

4. Use search whenever possible on your PC, on your phone, and in your email. On a Windows 10 PC, you can just begin typing after clicking the Start button.

5. Windows Quick Assist, which is built into Windows 10, is an extremely easy method to share your screen without the need to download and install anything. To access easily, search (with tip 73) for "Quick Assist".

6. Right-click on apps pinned to the taskbar to bring up lots of hidden options for various applications.

7. Use the Save as PDF option built into Microsoft Office. No need to print and scan or use a third-party app.

8. Realise the power of touch. Microsoft Office ribbons are optimised for touchscreen. If using Office on a device with a touchscreen, press various menus with your finger and see the difference.

9. Stop typing the same email. Use Quick Parts in Outlook to quickly insert text you type out all the time.

10. Change the time zone. When setting a diary appointment with someone in another time zone, change the appointment to invitee time zone to avoid mistakes. For example, if you are in Eastern time in the US and the other person agrees to meet at 1pm in London, simply change the appointment to London time and set it for 1pm.

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