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Consulting For Business & Life

Information Technology Mastermind

Dean has extensive and well-established experience in the IT industry.

He offers high quality, cost effective business solutions to both the public and private business sectors.

He strives to be the one support provider for all his customer's information technology needs.

Technology & Marketing Consultant

Dean drives leads, increases sales, and helps grow your Monthly Recurring Revenue.

Dean also plans, executes, and manages integrated digital marketing campaigns across organic, paid, and social channels that grow your marketing and sales pipeline.

Business Development Coach

Great players have good coaches. Teaching tech skills for client retention, client growth and new business development is the focus of Dean's Coaching.

Dean's tech tips will help improve your individual skills and your commitment to winning new business and retaining your existing clients.

Keynote Speaker

Dean has presented hundreds of keynote speaker presentations for local businesses, national brands and associations of all kinds.

As a keynote speaker, Dean is like an ignition switch for your audience. He’s a high energy, inspiring keynote speaker that fuels the enthusiasm of the conference or event.

He’s an entertaining keynote speaker that engages your audience to listen and learn.

Dean's keynotes infuse his messages with the kind of humor that makes your attendees laugh out loud – and inspires them to want to do more, be more, and achieve more than they’ve even thought possible.

Team Building / Ice Breakers

Dean is available to team build or break the ice in any type of situation from educational events to corporate events.

Dean is a leadership trainer who strives to help people see the world, and themselves differently and from new a perspective.

Dean is a gifted communicator, well-versed in a wide range of subjects.
Dean's motto is... "Teamwork Makes The Dream Work"

By hiring Dean for your next seminar, you can spread seeds of wisdom and personal growth among seminar attendees and the future leaders of your organization.

Dean uses activities and audience participation to engage audiences and promote discussion and new ideas.

Assistant / Negotiator

Hiring a personal assistant may sound expensive, but if done correctly, can save you a lot of money.

Stop trying to do it all yourself.

Dean is an experienced assistant and negotiator who can save you thousands of dollars a year with his vast knowledge and negotiation skills.

Undercover Employee

Dean provides more than just a undercover shopping service, he can help with loss prevention, franchise royalty audits, field research and more.

Dean's methodology is an excellent, cost-effective way to gather information on the frontline without anyone knowing.

Dean offers onsite, telephone and web-based programs for consumer and B2B organizations. Dean's undercover services spread across a wide-spectrum of business categories. Packages available by the hour , by the day. or by the week. Call for more information. 

Geek For A Week

Are you tangled in the web and see no way out ? 
Let  Dean untangle the web for you.

He provides consulting and services to businesses that don't have a need for a full time “IT” person or who are just looking for a second opinion.

Internet Marketing, Internet Consulting, Web Development and Cloud Computing are just a few of the services Dean offers.

Using a “Geek For The Week” is pain free. No taxes, no insurance or no workman's comp needed. Just pay as you go.

Do you need a “Geek For A Week” to train your staff, speak at your next meeting or to simply teach you the ins and outs of the Internet ?

Ask Dean how Google can enhance your life both personally and professionally.

Hire a “Geek For The Week” and stay one step ahead of the competition.
Call today for more information and let's discuss how Dean can immediately generate more traffic and business to your web site.
Need A Geek For A Week ? - We’ll Supply Your Very Own Technology Consultant For An Entire 40 Hour Week - $3,999.99

Pick Their Brain Or Use Them To Train.

Use Your Geek However You Seek.

Please call to discuss your specific needs. 305-929-3326

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