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How to Choose the Best Surge Protector for Your Computer

Here’s what you need to look for when choosing the best surge protector for your needs:

1 – Choose a surge protector that has enough protected outlets to power and protect all the devices that you need to attach to it. I have seen surge protectors with as many as a dozen protected outlets.

Resist the temptation to “daisy chain” multiple surge protectors by plugging them into one another because that daisy-chaining reduces the effectiveness of every surge protector in the chain.

2  – The amount of damaging excess energy that a surge protector can absorb is measured in Joules, and the more the Joules the better.

For computer equipment I recommend buying a model that’s rated at a minimum of 2,000 Joules.

3 – Another thing to consider is the Clamping Voltage (the over-voltage threshold at which the protective components spring into action).

I recommend buying a model with a maximum clamping voltage of 400 volts or less. The lower the clamping voltage the better, but the lower the clamping voltage the more the surge protector will cost.

4 – In addition to the factors mentioned above, you also need to consider the Response Time of the protective components contained within a surge suppressor.

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