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Google your Equations for Quick Math

You need to add up some numbers fast. What do you do? You could dig around in your desk drawer for a calculator. You could fish around on your computer for a calculator app. Or you could just use that Google search box you already have open in your browser. Google’s search box doubles as a quick and easy calculator. It’s pretty flexible about how you phrase your equations. For example, typing “12 x 2” or “12 times 2” will get you the same result. Google helpfully opens up a full in-browser calculator above the usual search results so you can keep going in your calculations.

Google’s built-in calculator can also handle some fancier equations. Try asking it for square roots or string together a series like “12 + 18 + 36 – 9.” If you get into more elaborate queries, remember to use parentheses so it knows what you’re asking. Searching for “12 + 5 – (2 x 2)” will get the answer you’re looking for: “13.”

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