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Check Out Apple's Free Mini-Course on Taking Better iPhone Pictures

It’s no secret that the cameras built into Apple’s most recent iPhones are capable of producing outstanding images that rival those taken by many DSLR cameras. While most pro photographers can use virtually any camera to take pro-quality photos, the folks at Apple are on a mission to help casual photographers use their iPhones to create the best images possible.

Case in point, they’ve created an awesome “Photography How-To” page featuring about three dozen short videos that will teach you a wide variety of tricks and techniques for taking your iPhone photography to the next level. These videos cover virtually everything you need to know in order to take professional quality photos with your iPhone. I recommend that you have your iPhone handy as you watch the videos and follow along with the instructions. The videos are relatively short and they progress quickly so you’ll probably need to pause them while you’re performing the steps on your own phone.

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