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Beware the Dangerous ‘Coronavirus Mask’ Email Scam

The panic surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak has brought the scammers out of the woodwork once again via a new and very dangerous email scam.

In a nutshell, the scammers are flooding the world’s inboxes with emails offering to sell the recipients a box of “Coronavirus masks” to protect against catching the virus.

As you might expect, one (or more) of the following things are virtually guaranteed to happen if you click on a link in one of these emails:

1 – The link will take you to a malicious web page that will download malware onto your computer or mobile device.

2 – You’ll enter your personal info and credit card info into a malicious web form that effectively hands that extremely sensitive info over to the scammers.

3 – You’ll pay for a box of masks that will never arrive.

If you desire to purchase masks for protection against the Coronavirus I strongly recommend that you only deal with reputable companies and avoid these scam emails like the plagues that they are.

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